MOHAN DOSS, President


Dr. Mohan Doss has a PhD degree in Physics and has board certification from the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine in nuclear medicine physics. He provides physics support for diagnostic imaging in a cancer center in Philadelphia.


Dr. Doss began a detailed study of the health effects of low-dose radiation to investigate the claims of increased cancer risk from diagnostic imaging based on the linear no-threshold (LNT) model. He noted that although considerable amount of evidence exists for the cancer preventive effect of low-dose radiation, such data have been ignored and the atomic bomb survivor data have been used to raise low dose radiation carcinogenic concerns in many publications. Dr. Doss’s analysis of the 2012 update to the atomic bomb survivor data showed that these data no longer support the LNT model but are consistent with the radiation hormesis model. However, many influential scientists continue to use the LNT model by quoting older atomic bomb survivor data as supportive evidence. Dr. Doss is also concerned that many publications with faulty data, analysis, and/or interpretation are used to support the LNT model while the evidences against the LNT model are ignored, and he has written several articles on the subject. Dr. Doss has participated in several debates and discussions on the health effects of radiation. 

Dr. Doss is one of the founding members of the international group Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI) that was formed in 2013 to correct the misinformation that is currently prevalent in our society on radiation health effects. Dr. Doss was given the Outstanding Leadership Award in the Field of Dose Response by the International Dose-Response Society in 2014.