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Code of Conduct for Advisors


Though most of the advisory bodies, since the 1950s, have supported the concept that even very small amounts of radiation increase cancer risk, a review of the publications has shown that the opposite concept is likely true, i.e., that low levels of radiation prevent cancers. How can the advisory bodies be so wrong, and not correct their recommendations when more and more evidence has contradicted their point of view? On analyzing this situation, it became clear that there were major flaws in the methods by which advisory bodies operate. To avoid such major errors from remaining uncorrected for a long time, a Code of Conduct for Advisors on Human Health has been drafted. This Code of Conduct is regarding general principles and does not have anything to do with radiation. Please review the proposed Code of Conduct below and give your feedback regarding whether it is reasonable or whether you wish to propose any changes to the Code of Conduct. We will take into consideration the comments received before finalizing the Code of Conduct. Once it is finalized, we will seek endorsement of the Code of Conduct by members of the public, and then we will ask the various advisory bodies to adhere to the Code of Conduct. If current advisory bodies had adhered to this Code of Conduct, the LNT model would have been discarded a long time ago and all the harm from the use of the LNT model in the past few decades could have been avoided.


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