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Here we discuss some more general reasons why LNT model should be rejected. 

  • A few analogies would show that LNT model is senseless

  • The LNT model appears to be logical, and hence has a widespread appeal; however, there are Major flaws in the LNT model 'logic'

  • In spite of the evidence against the LNT model, including the atomic bomb survivor data, many publications, news articles, blogs, etc. continue to use the LNT model. Such Questionable publications are called out to bring this to the attention of the public

  • Though many scientists have supported the LNT model, and have criticized the radiation hormesis model, our Responses to our critics show that their criticisms are not valid.

  • Whereas it would be generally considered as prudent to follow the recommendations of advisory bodies, the major Deficiencies of the advisory bodies have rendered their advice not trustworthy. For  example, though the atomic bomb survivor data are recognized to be the most important data, when the 2012 update to the data showed a major change in its characteristics, the advisory bodies failed to respond to the new information.

  • The main reasons for the persistence of the LNT model in spite of contradictory evidence are the unwavering support for the model by the advisory bodies and the lopsided publicity  by popular media to publications supporting the LNT model.

  • Another concern regarding the LNT model is the documented conflict of interest issues in the initial adoption of the LNT model in the 1950s. Such conflict of issues cannot be ruled out at present.


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