Why action is needed


 International and national advisory bodies

  • have a large influence on radiation safety regulations


BEIR VII Report by National Academy of Sciences  

  • stated that atomic bomb survivor data are the most important data

  • cited 15-country study of radiation workers as supportive evidence for low-dose radiation cancer risk


Atomic bomb survivor data underwent


BEIR VIII Scoping Meeting, November 2014


With such practices, in spite of the growing evidence, the advisory body can continue to support the LNT model, citing faulty evidence and ignoring valid evidence


Hence, if no action is taken,

  • status quo of support for the LNT model by the BEIR committee would likely to continue.

  • other advisory bodies which take the cue from BEIR committee recommendations would continue their support for the LNT model

  • professional organizations and regulatory agencies would continue to use the LNT model

  • the tremendous harm from the use of the LNT model would continue


Thus, it is important to take actions to overcome the LNT model


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