Welcome to the Debate on Radiation Hormesis

This is an open, public, online debate on Radiation Hormesis sponsored by the XLNT Foundation and Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI). The debate dashboard below summarizes the current status of the debate, i.e. if any of the evidence for radiation hormesis has been refuted. You can participate in the debate at the Debate WebsiteYou may also e-mail your debate arguments to info@x-lnt.org, and your arguments will be posted in the debate website. In this case, please specify to which argument you are responding. The dashboard below will be updated periodically based on the discussions in the debate website. Responses are welcomed until May 15, 2020. The result from the debate will be announced here shortly thereafter.

If you do not want wish to debate radiation hormesis but you consider radiation hormesis to be a valid phenomenon, based on the evidence, please express your support by clicking here

Debate Dashboard