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Update on the Debate on Radiation Hormesis as of November 1, 2020

Radiation Hormesis was Not Refuted in the the Online Debate! 


A large number of scientists were invited via email to participate in the debate on radiation hormesis (as seen in the announcement below) during Aug 31, 2020 to Oct 1, 2020. The invitees included leading proponents of the LNT model, representatives of many organizations which support and/or use the LNT model, authors of articles which utilize the LNT model, etc., as well as scientists who do not support the LNT model. At the end of the debate period (Oct 31, 2020), none of the evidence for radiation hormesis had been refuted in the debate website. In addition, four of the pieces of evidence for radiation hormesis were not refuted in an earlier short dialogue with NCRP, a premier proponent of the LNT model. 

If radiation hormesis is valid, as indicated by the absence of refutation of the supportive evidence, in
spite of multiple opportunities presented to the LNT model supporters, it logically follows that the LNT model is invalid, and the present radiation protection recommendations and practices are leading to increased cancer risk. Individuals and organizations who make such recommendations are asked to discontinue these recommendations unless they can refute radiation hormesis. 

Though the official debate period is over and the result has been declared, you are welcomed to refute the evidence by posting your arguments at the debate website. If any of the evidence is refuted, it will be recognized in the debate dashboard below and the results here will be updated.

Announcement of the debate:

Debate on Radiation Hormesis


This is an open, public, online debate on Radiation Hormesis sponsored by the XLNT Foundation and Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI). The debate dashboard below summarizes the current status of the debate, i.e. if any of the evidence for radiation hormesis has been refuted. You can participate in the debate at the Debate Website, which is a Google Group that has been set up for the debate. The dashboard below will be updated periodically based on the discussions in the debate website. Responses are welcomed until Oct 31, 2020. The result from the debate will be announced here shortly thereafter.

How to participate in the Debate:

(1) Via E-mail: Go to the Debate Website, (a Google Group called "rad_horm_debate") and Sign in to Google with your email address (if you have not signed into Google already). On this screen, click on 'Join Group', and then click on 'Join this Group'. Thereafter, you will receive an email whenever anyone responds to the debate in this Group, and you can email your arguments by responding to the emails. 

(2) Via Website: Visit the Debate Website periodically, view the evidence and arguments, and post your response. In order to post your response, you would need to sign in to Google with your email.

(3) Anonymously: If you wish to present your responses anonymously, please email your arguments to, and your arguments will be posted in the debate website, anonymously. In this case, please specify to which evidence you are responding. 

If you do not want wish to debate radiation hormesis but you consider radiation hormesis to be a valid phenomenon, based on the evidence, please express your support by clicking here

If you are a member of the public, and are not interested in radiation effects, you may wonder if this debate is relevant for you. If so, please click here to see why the debate may be important for you.

debate dashboard.jpg

Debate Dashboard

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