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Fundraising to support actions


Whereas some of the actions discussed in earlier sections can be (and have been) done on a voluntary basis by interested individuals, to be effective, the scale of the operations need to be ramped up, and many of the actions, e.g. spreading the message to wide population, or legal challenges to regulations, would require considerable resources. Thus, fundraising is essential for success in the efforts to overcome the LNT model.


Possible approaches to fundraising: 


  • Advertisements in popular media

  • Appeal to philanthropists

  • Seek support from celebrities

  • Seek corporate sponsorships

  • Fundraising events – telethons, walkathons, etc.

  • Appeal to cancer patients, their families, and patient support groups about the reduction of cancers that can be achieved using low-dose radiation, reducing the need for harmful cancer treatments. Also, inform cancer patients about low-dose radiation cancer treatments that have little or no adverse side effects, in comparison to current treatments (traditional radiation therapy and chemotherapy).

  • Appeal to users of radiation: nuclear power industry, hospitals and other medical users, universities, research laboratories, industrial users, etc. bringing to their attention the vastly reduced cost of radiation use which would occur with new, reduced regulations, if LNT model is discarded.

  • Appeal to radiology equipment manufacturers -  they can save the costs of creating new equipment, and research driven by LNT can be stopped; large costs of supporting ALARA, Image Gently etc. can go away.


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