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Legal Challenges to the LNT model


The legal basis for the radiation safety regulations in the USA is the Congressional mandate to Atomic Energy Commission that EPA inherited, as per the text below on p. 6511 of EPA's ANPR:

Congressional Mandate to EPA, as seen above

  • take actions to protect health or minimize danger to life. 

EPA's actions, radiation safety regulations are

  • based on the LNT model concept

  • if LNT model were valid, the regulations would protect health


Considering the present state of knowledge, LNT model-based regulations would not protect health

  • Since the LNT model is no longer supported by evidence

  • The opposite concept of radiation hormesis is supported by evidence

  • LNT model-based regulations would he harming public health


Therefore, the radiation safety regulations based on the LNT model, do not have a legal basis.


The current radiation safety regulations and the actions of government agencies based on the regulations need to be challenged in court. For example, there can be:

  • Lawsuit challenging legality of government regulations relating to low-dose radiation

  • Lawsuit against government agencies for promoting radon remediation in homes, and increasing lung cancer


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