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Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is presented below in an easily readable question/answer format.

What information do we collect from visitors?

We collect the (1) name, (2) e-mail address, and (3) country of residence of those visitors to the website that choose to become Members of the XLNT Foundation, those who choose to donate to the XLNT Foundation, or those who wish to support radiation hormesis. For those applying to join the XLNT Group, some additional information is collected. For other visitors, no indentifiable information is collected.


How will we use this information?

We will be sending our periodic Newsletters and News Alerts to the members' e-mail addresses. All members and donors' names will be kept confidential unless they give us permission to use their names in our website, Newsletters, etc. The name and country of the radiation hormesis supporters will be displayed on our website.

How can I ask to be removed from the list of radiation hormesis supporters?

You can send an email to a request to be removed from the list.

Who will be able to access this information?

Only the staff/volunteers of the XLNT Foundation who need to know would have access to this information.


Will we share this information with any other parties?



How will we protect the information?

The files containing the member/donor information would be kept in password protected sites.


How will we notify visitors of changes to our policies?

Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be made in the "Privacy Policy" page of our website and announced in our Newsletter which is distributed to the members and donors of the XLNT Foundation.


How can anyone contact us with questions about our privacy policy?

For any questions, please contact us via the "Contact Us" page of our website or send us the questioin via regular mail to the Foundation address given in the "Contact Us" page of our website.

How can I ask to be removed from your mailing list?

You can send an email to a request to be removed from our mailing list.

Do we use Cookies on our website?

Our host uses Cookies for enhancing the viewer experience. We do not collect any information from the Cookies.

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