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Jerry Cuttler, Vice President


Dr. Cuttler received his BASc-Eng degree (1964) in engineering physics from the University of Toronto and his MSc and DSc degrees (1967-1971) in nuclear sciences and engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology. 

In 1971, Dr. Cuttler managed a radiation detector company for 3 years. 

In 1974, he began a 26-year career at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.  He led the team that designed and procured the nuclear instrumentation for 3 CANDU-6 reactors and for the Pickering B and Bruce B stations.  Dr. Cuttler was later AECL's engineering manager for Bruce B, resident engineering manager in Romania, engineering manager of the SLOWPOKE district heating reactor, manager of AECL services at Pickering, CANDU 9 engineering integration manager, and Technical Services Manager. 

After retiring from AECL in 2000, he formed Cuttler & Associates and has been serving Ontario Power Generation (OPG), AECL and Bruce Power for the return of Pickering-4 to service, the recovery of the MAPLE medical isotope reactors, and the restart of Bruce 1&2 reactors.  Dr. Cuttler provided services to Bruce Power and to OPG for nuclear plant life extension.

The ongoing crises of public fear of radiation led him to examine the causes of this fear.  Dr. Cuttler has been working with renowned medical scientists and radiobiologists since 1995.  He uncovered evidence of the low leukemia incidence of those Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors who were located 2 to 3 km from ground zero.  The data fit a hormetic J-curve with a threshold at 50 rem (500 mSv).  He and his colleagues discovered that patients with Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases may be treated successfully with CT scans of the brain.  He analyzed data of studies on dogs and produced evidence that lifelong low dose rates increase lifespan in long- and short-lived dogs.  He provided evidence of dose-rate thresholds for radiation-induced lifespan reduction and for increased cancer risk.  He and his colleagues have been communicating the biological mechanism of the low-dose beneficial effects and the dose and dose-rate thresholds for onset of harm, in articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Cuttler is a member of (or is affiliated with) the following professional societies and associations:

  • Professional Engineers of Ontario

  • Canadian Nuclear Society (President - 1995/6, Fellow - 2000)

  • American Nuclear Society

  • American Physical Society

  • Canadian Radiation Protection Association

  • Health Physics Society

  • International Dose-Response Society

  • American Council on Science and Health (Advisory Board)

  • International Nuclear Energy Academy

  • Canadian Standards Association

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