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Robert Hargraves has written articles and the book, THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal, about molten salt reactors generating energy cheaper than coal – the only realistic way to dissuade nations from burning fossil fuels. With coauthor Ralph Moir he wrote "Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors" in American Scientist, sparking China in 2012 to undertake a $350 million effort to implement this new energy technology. He is now a member of the ThorCon team developing a hybrid thorium/uranium molten salt reactor. His interest in the XLNT Foundation stems from his concern that people needless fear any radiation associated with nuclear power, preventing use of this clean, safe nuclear energy source from being used to solve the global climate/energy/development crisis.


Also a study leader at Osher@Dartmouth, he was chief information officer at Boston Scientific Corporation and previously a senior consultant with Arthur D Little. He founded a computer software firm, DTSS Incorporated while at Dartmouth where he was assistant professor of mathematics and associate director of the computation center. He graduated from Brown University (PhD physics) and Dartmouth College (AB mathematics and physics).


Bob Hargraves

Director ThorCon



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