Low-dose Radiation to treat Alzheimer's Disease - A Case Report by Jerry Cuttler

Dr. Jerry Cuttler, one of the founding members of SARI (http://radiationeffects.org/) gave an engaging presentation at the Annual Conference of International Dose Response Society on the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) using low-dose radiation. It was a Case Report on a patient that was in hospice with end-stage AD and was completely unresponsive. Her husband, Dr. Eugene Moore, became aware of literature suggesting possible treatment of AD using low-dose radiation. He contacted Jerry Cuttler for suggestion on how to use this method to treat his wife's AD. Jerry referred him to my publication entitled "Low Dose Radiation Adaptive Protection to Control Neurodegenerative Diseases" in whic

Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information Receives Outstanding Leadership Award

Outstanding Leadership Award was presented to Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI) at the annual conference of International Dose-Response Society today at Amherst, MA. I am one of the founding members of SARI, and I accepted the award on its behalf. For more information on SARI, visit their website at: http://radiationeffects.org/) Below is the summary of remarks I made on the occasion: I wish to thank the International Dose-Response Society for giving the Outstanding Leadership Award to SARI. This recognition of the SARI efforts is very encouraging, especially since it is a relatively new group. I wish to acknowledge the contributions of all the SARI members and Associate M

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