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Our mission: To educate the public on the health effects of ionizing radiation and eliminate the use of the linear no-threshold (LNT) model in order to enhance public health.


Our vision: A world in which the public, professionals, and governments are well informed about the observed beneficial effects of low-dose radiation and so utilize radiation without undue concerns based on the invalid LNT model.


Our beliefs: We believe in the scientific method, i.e., utilizing evidence for passing conclusions on the validity of various hypotheses.  Our review of published evidence has shown the invalidity of the LNT model and the validity of radiation hormesis.  Discarding the LNT model would reduce the fear and concerns regarding low levels of radiation and facilitate a renaissance of radiation applications in health, energy, and other fields resulting in improved health, reduced energy costs, and environmentally friendly economic development in developing countries.


Our concerns: Whereas peer-reviewed publications are generally considered as sources of valid information by the public, press, government, etc., considerable number of peer-reviewed publications do indeed have invalid information. In the area of health effects of low-dose radiation, the faulty publications, being sensational in nature, are selectively publicized by the media without sufficient scrutiny, resulting in massive spread of misinformation. As a result, public beliefs and government regulations have deviated so far from the scientific evidence on the health effects of low-dose radiation that they are harming the public. 

Our approach: We take a multi-faceted approach to educating the public on the health effects of radiation

  • We welcome collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations

  • We analyze the main reasons for the persistence of the LNT model and address them

  • We seek the co-operation and support of the public and the stakeholders who would benefit immensely from the discarding of the LNT model

  • We follow the best practices recommended by nonprofit advisory organizations 


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