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Leslie Corrice has a Bachelor’s degree in both Nuclear Science & Technology and Environmental Biology. He also has a Master’s degree in Philosophy. He is am a member of the American Nuclear Society, National Education Association, and Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information. His first career of 21 years was in nuclear power, including being (in order) - a nuclear power plant operator, health physics specialist, environmental monitor, health physics design engineer, public relations spokesperson, public education coordinator and emergency planner. His second career of 15 years was a high school math and science teacher of high-functioning students with diagnosed learning disabilities. He continues to tutor privately and has become a free-lance writer. He has a weekly blog on the continuing situation with the Fukushima nuclear accident (Fukushima Accident Updates), and has written two E-books; Fukushima: The First Five Days and Kimin: Japan’s Forgotten People. 


Through-out his adult life, Les has been subjected to numerous confusions and misconceptions that are the basis of aversions for nuclear power plants and all sources of radiation exposure. He hase created a website (The Hiroshima Syndrome) devoted to showing that most, if not all existent nuclear and radiation aversions stem from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Perhaps the most damaging misconception is the wide-spread belief that radiation exposure, no matter how miniscule, can be deadly. His interest in the XLNT Foundation stems from his desire to resolve fear of radiation exposure associated with nuclear energy and the medical community, which needlessly prohibits the world’s ever-expanding population from experiencing the best-possible health and prosperity.

Leslie Corrice, MA

Author, Hiroshima Syndrome Website

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